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How You Can Help

C.A.T.S., inc. "Animal Food Pantry" serves not only cats and dogs but their caretakers as well such as homeless people with animals, veterans, seniors on fixed incomes, senior facilities, rescues, shelters of all kinds, and more.

Checks or Money orders can be made payable to C.A.T.S., Inc. and can be mailed to:  P.O.Box 12966 Las Vegas, NV 89112


Donate Via PayPal here:

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Taxable Donations

Dry & Canned Cat/Dog Food
Cat/Dog Toys
Scratching Posts
Cat or Dog Carriers
Any Size Cat or Dog Beds
Traps & Cages
Kangen Water Purifier
Cat Litter & Litter Pans 
Items for Raffles or Yard Sales
Gift Baskets
Craft Sale Items

All items are greatly appreciated 

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Thank you to Jimi Bowers and Brian Oney for your assistance in creating a video to get the word out that C.A.T.S Inc is in need of volunteers. 

Show your support by purchasing a C.A.T.S Inc. shirt.

Sizes include Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X, 3X, and 4X

$20.00 DONATION each [PayPal us at] or send a $20.00 check to:

P.O. Box 12966 Las Vegas, NV 89112

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Online Shopping and Searching


Join to support C.A.T.S., Inc. It's free, safe, and easy to join. Don't feel like registering? Take out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit and type "C.A.T.S. Inc." in the "Select Your Cause" area. You shop and browse the web anyway so there is nothing to lose!

If you prefer you may also use Good Search, another wonderful program we are enrolled in that has the same benefits as iGive. Remember, every penny adds up and your support is greatly appreciated!





Nevada Spay/Neuter License Plates!


The Nevada State "License Plate Bill SB54" Has been passed. The 250 letters of Intent to purchase requests that were required before the license plates could be produced by the D.M.V. have been met, and as a result, the Nevada State "License Plate Bill SB54" Has been passed. We send out a special THANKS! to JOAN BURTNETT who introduced the bill to the legislature, and PAT CICCOLELLA the artist.

Now it is up to you and me to get the word out! and purchase these License plates to support "Spay and Neuter". I have been all over Las Vegas and Mesquite and barely scratched the surface. I have made educating the public along with promoting the sale of the "Spay and Neuter" license plates, My #1 priority. WON'T YOU HELP? Proceeds from the sale License Plates will go to Programs for the SPAYING/NEUTERING of animals, animal adoption and programs that help with placement of "Homeless Animals" and toward Grants, non-profit organizations. To help carry out the above programs and demands. Money generated in each specific County will stay in its own County to help with programs and Spay/Neutering in their neighborhoods.

For more info go to or contact me at or phone me at 702-458-4721 or fax me at 702-456-3081.

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